Fascia Response Session

Fascia response Sessions are designed to unwind, de-stress, and release the abnormal tension-holds on the body. By releasing the reciprocal areas and encouraging improved movement and blood flow, the full body is effectively treated within a 45min session.

The therapy assists in joint pain and stiffness, all pain levels, muscular imbalances and abnormal activations; it improves posture and structural positioning and most importantly improves general body health and wellness.

Massage for Fascia Release is a very gentle and relaxing treatment session, offering intense and highly effective results. It’s a specialized and unique focus therapy which is ideally suited for all ages (even newborn), gender and condition.

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At the Pilates Difference we have included two types of yoga classes to our studio offerings as we feel there is a great connection between the two discplines and each complements the other. While Pilates focuses on strength and control, Yoga focuses on flexibility, mindfulness and breath.

Vinyasa yoga is the stringing together of postures to make a beautiful flow while connecting it to your breathe. Movement with meditation.

This Power vinyasa class is slightly faster paced than the flow class and moves through a variety of strong transitions with plenty of strong vinyasa and chaturanga variations. This is not a set routine and changes often making it a fun journey…almost like a dance.

Presented by PlettYoga at The Pilates Difference, they add music to the classes creating a beautiful, meditative and moving experience.