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The Pilates Difference Studio offers a wide variety of Pilates and Barre classes, in our open plan spacious studio in the heart of Plettenberg Bay. We have various types and levels of Pilates mat and equipment classes, as well as our very popular Barre classes. We have also now introduced Vinyasa Yoga classes to our studio schedule. 

Our studio is open, we look forward to you joining us in-studio for a class


A Group Mat Class is a Pilates class that is presented using primarily matwork exercises with the addition of various Pilates props such as: foam rollers, overballs, hand weights, therabands, flex circles and many more.

We have 3 distinct levels and focuses in our Mat Classes:

An essential/intermediate group mat class that focuses on posture, core strength, balance and flexibility. 

A stronger intermediate group mat class focusing on strength, balance, core and body awareness.

A stronger, more advanced fast paced athletic group mat class that focuses on strength, endurance, athletic conditioning and flexibility.

barre classes

Barre is a higher intensity workout which combines Pilates, Dance and Yoga all together in a fun, full body workout. We are an accredited bootybarre® studio as well as offering Total Barre and Cardio Barre.

Barre is one of our most popular classes as it guarantees a great workout and when done regularly, really tones and shapes the body.

A classic Booty Barre class for a full body workout based on Pilates, dance and yoga.

An intense sculpting and toning Barre class that focuses on resistance work and form, to give a full body workout.

A faster paced Barre class with high intensity intervals of cardio and sculpting to get the heart rate up.

equipment sessions

The Studio is equipped with 2 reformers, 2 cadillacs, 2 stability chairs, a ladder barrel and suspension trainers.

Our equipment sessions are done in Duo or Private classes to ensure more focus and personal attention. The Equipment provides a resistance based workout to ensure a stronger, more balanced body. The equipment is suitable for all levels and abilities, from athletic conditioning to injury rehabilitation.

We do have Group Equipment classes that accommodate 4 – 6 people in a circuit training type session.

The Reformer is one of the most popular Pilates apparatus and consists of a carriage attached by set of springs that forces the user to work within the grid of the machine. It promotes good alignment, core strength and flexibility. 

Also referred to as a Trapeze Table the Cadillac takes traditional matwork type exercises and adds resistance in the form of springs. The Cadillac provides the most diverse Pilates experience challenging the body in multiple planes of motion. Exceptional for rehabilitation.

This piece of equipment combines the rungs of a ladder with the round surface of a barrel especially good for flexibility and core strengthening exercises.

The Stability Chair is a simple yet challenging piece of equipment that focuses on strengthening the local and global stabilising muscles of the body. Excellent for rehabilitation and athletic conditioning.

Also referred to as  TRX trainer (specific brand) this consists of two straps suspended from the ceiling and is used to provide a challenging and unstable piece of equipment which deeply strengthens the muscular stabilisers of the body as well as the peripheral global movers. Especially good for athletic conditioning.


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Due to our open plan large floor space we are able to host in-studio classes. With strict observation of COVID_19 protocol and procedures, we can ensure that you will still be able to enjoy your Pilates, Barre and Yoga experience with us.