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I love Barre!

I love Barre. Yesterday while in the studio I found myself alone with an hour or so to kill before I had to leave to fetch my daugther from school (this in itself is a miracle – me with an hour to spare), so I just milled about the studio practicing some exercises on the equipment and working through some Barre coreography. I wasn’t feeling it and my legs were still hurting from a week of a few tough workouts so I thought “urgh pack it in”. But, I was determined to run through a new isometric barre set I wanted to feel out. So I went across to the ipod and hit my favourite playlist and turned the music up to full class volume.

Everything changed.

My body instantly felt lighter, more energised, I smiled and began to move. It still burned in my quads and shook in my glutes as I ran through the reps. I could feel my heart rate climbing and my body temperature instantly rise and I could possibly just do 1 or 2 reps instead of 8 or 16, but I was having too much fun.

Like in every single class I teach, no matter my mood 5 minutes before class or the night before while prepping the sets, the second I stand in front of all those ready to move bodies in my studio, and the music starts and the beat fills the room, I come alive. I feel the rhythm right through to my pinky toes and it bubbles up inside me and I just want to MOVE. What can I say but I just flipping LOVE Barre.

It’s not easy. You will feel the burn and there will be moments when you think I-can-not-do-one-more-rep, this instructor is off her rocker, but I guarantee that you will come back for more because the music, the vibe, the sweat and the results are all worth it in the end.





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