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Just Keep Moving

So I had an interesting conversation with one of my clients today about the importance of movement. She started coming to me for pilates last year, two times a week. She is hooked on moving her body and you can truly see the difference in her body. She is now coming to the studio five times a week, sometimes twice a day! She told me how great she feels in her own skin and that pilates has changed her life in the every day tasks that she performs. She is an artist and for her stepping out from behind the canvas and shifting her posture is really important.

I told her that when I started pilates I couldn’t even touch my toes, not even close! I am now down to putting my palms down flat on the floor with my legs straight and kiss my knees that carry me around all day. Doing pilates everyday and barre every other day has made my body so supple and strong. I even get a little cranky if I skip a day or two. Moving mindfully through my whole body so often has resulted in all my joints feeling soft and warm and moving with ease. The gift that movement gives you is ‘moving through life with ease’.

Thinking about it, when movement is restricted and or painful it really does debilitate EVERYTHING you set out to do, therefore inhibiting you from living and enjoying your life to its full potential. We are all blessed with one body, take good care of it. Love the skin you’re in, move your body, it’ll thank you!

Keep on moving, keep on grooving, shake that booty!


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