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My Pilates Journey

My pilates journey started in 2012. I stopped after having my baby and when she was two, my itch for movement just wouldn’t stop and because I loved pilates so much, I decided to do the course through Pilates Unlimited in Lynwood, Gauteng. A week before I relocated to Plett I received my qualification for the mat course. I met Colleen, and she welcomed me with open arms (literally).

Dealing with the difficulties of life at that time, I turned to movement. I can honestly say that the stronger my body got the stronger my mind got, I was able to heal physically and mentally. Practicing mindful movement through pilates creates a sound mind. The mind and body can not be separated, and should be applied in our daily lives. I teach people that you don’t just do pilates in the hour you spend with me, but through your whole life-you move, and its a gift that should not be taken for granted. And if movement is restricted, it lowers the quality of life in general.

I feel satisfied in my work when a client tells me how their golf has improved, or how much better they feel even days after a session. 

In May 2018, together with Colleen’s enthusiasm, I decided to do the Booty Barre course to add to my profession. Applying pilates principals with ballet inspired dance and a bit of yoga in an hour give you a full body workout to loud music and tons of fun. I’ve seen bodies and booties change drastically from doing barre, even my own booty. A super fun way to get your sweat dripping!

Joining my two passions, anatomy and art, I am also working with Pilates Unlimited and Of-Course online with the anatomy sketches through which I am learning so much more about this amazing structure that we are blessed with.

Later this year I’m furthering my studies in Pilates as the human body is so extensively beautifully made. I am thankful and excited to be apart of such an amazing industry, helping people get the most of their bodies.

Pilates and barre has created the opportunity for me to be the difference I want to see in the world.


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