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Pointe Studio…why we love them!

As fitness professionals we spend our days in fitness gear (obvious I know), and we consider ourselves somewhat experts on everything from leggings, crop tops and tank tops to grip socks. Just like everyone we ideally like to get value for money and save a few pennies where we can, but one thing we cannot afford to save on is comfort and functionality.

Functionality I hear you ask? Yes, leggings do indeed have a function. Here’s a scenario:

You see this to-die-for pair of leggings with all your favourite colours, patterns or textures and you cant help but have them. You arrive at your pilates class the next day prancing about in your new gorgeous pair, enjoying the customary oohs and ahhs that are often heard in the studio when someone announces a new purchase (we love this by the way). You settle yourself on to the mat and halfway through your second roll down you realise your precious new fashion find is just that, fashion and no function. You spend the rest of the class hanging on the the back of your waistband hoping the poor person behind you hasn’t been submitted to uneccessary views of your underwear…or worse your bum cleavage (eeeek). The lovely high waistband you thought so flattering hasn’t been designed correctly and spends the next hour trying to escape your waist.

When it comes to Grip socks this is even more apt as there is nothing worse than sporting your latest pair of slick, grippers only to slide across the floor and land flat on your face in your first plank to arabesque. That’s why we stock Pointe Studio Grip socks in our studio. They somehow have managed to combine really quality grip (that doesn’t deteriorate after every wear) with a sock that actually feels as though it is supporting your foot. And the best part, they don’t cost a fortune and retail in our studio at R 250 a pair. Bargain? We think so. What’s even better? They have the most stunning range of styles and colour patterns. Our favourites are their dance socks and all their ombre colour combos in strap and full.

So why not do yourself a favour and come and buy a pair next time you’re in and get a grip!

Ha ha


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