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Our Top 7 Tips to buying the right leggings

“Oooo nice leggings!” is an expression I hear so often in our studio. And it is always so nice to see all these gorgeous ladies dressing up for their workouts (the guys-not so much) And then the question, “Who are you wearing?” 

Well the thing is not necessarily the brand (or maybe it is…) but ultimately, what is going to make my practice the most enjoyable and comfortable for me? Leggings!! Lets face it, having a pair of pants that creeps down your back while you are opting to do the perfect roll over, is going to restrict you from lifting your legs up and over your head – constantly fiddling with your pants is not going to groove with your moves…:-)

Here are my top 7 tips to buying the right leggings:

  1. Pretty!! YOU must like the print, or no print, or cheeky design on it.
  2. They must fit snug, it’s like a second skin, you don’t want your skin to be sagging right?
  3. Go for the high rise, just below the belly button, it prevents your favourite undies from peeking out when you do those delicious roll downs.
  4. They shouldn’t be too long, having scrunched up leggings around your ankles is not fun- believe me, I have a pair. – its not a common problem  though, I am a shorty…
  5. Check the stitching, it should be sturdy but soft and movable with the fabric
  6. Pockets are nice, if you want to keep your phone with you (but honestly, we can all do with a break from technology). Check that it is in the right spot, like on your thigh.
  7. Serious number seven tip! Do the bum check!! Go into the dressing room, put the leggings on, turn away from the mirror, practice a roll down, take a peek through your legs, and decide if you like what you see? Some fabrics tend to stretch to much and reveal all your secrets, keep them safe with tip #7.

Hope this helps for when you hop out to get your new favourite pair of leggings! If you are in the Garden Route Area, go check out Tiger Lilly Dance Wear in the Knysna Mall. They stock some amazing Local brands like, Coconut Active, Vivolicious, Move Pretty and Day Chaser. Not chilling in the Garden Route? No problems they have an online store aswell!! Check it out and go get yourself lots of leggings (aka lol)-know your pilates lingo 😉

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