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Why do you keep coming back?

I get asked so often, especially by people who haven’t yet started Pilates (I say haven’t YET, because eventually everyone will come around to Pilates), why do people keep coming back?

Pilates is one of those things that no matter how hard or how easy your session, or class has been, you will always leave feeling much better than when you came in. Yes all forms of exercise leave you with a rush of endorphins that is a mood enhancer and you will generally feel good post exercise. Pilates however, leaves you with a slightly different feeling all together. It differs from person to person but there are a couple reasons why I believe that Pilates is really THE FEEL-GOOD exercise out there.

  1. The combination of strength and flexibility has you both pushing your muscle strength and endurance to its limits and the following relief of stretching out that muscle allowing it to recover fully and re-lengthen.
  2. The Breath. The focus on breath not only allows you to access more focus and strength than you thought you had, it also supplies your body with extra oxygen that it probably needed and help you find rhythm in your movement which translates to all the natural healthy rhythms in our body; like our heartbeat or footsteps.
  3. The many modifications. When an exercise just doens’t feel right for your body (and EVERY body is different andunique) we have many wonderful secrets which will enable you to complete the exercise with better control and strength.
  4. The Props. We keep it interesting and the many different props both challenge and support you in ways to allow you to better access certain muscles and muscle groups. Resulting in a better sensation and connection to your body which in turn can only make you feel great.
  5. The connection. I’m not talking about your friends that you make along the way, but rather the mind-body connection that you will feel. This is not about becoming “one with your mat’ or closing your eyes and being in touch with your inner-self (although these are great things); it is rather about learning the absolute functionality of your body. About understanding the way in which your muscles work and how you can access those functions through focus and anatomical understanding. Which muscles pull and which one stabilise and how can you feel them working. Trust me when you start to figure this out the feeling is quite incredible.
  6. We don’t try to beat you down we try to build you up.
  7. Laughter. Life is too short to take it too seriously so here at The Pilates Studio we make sure that we laugh and have a good time so that your hour of Pilates becomes one ofthe best hours of your day.

There are hundreds of reasons that I could list that explain why you keep coming back and why Pilates makes you feel so good. Whatever the reason is, it DOES make you feel good, it makes you feel amazing, it makes you feel alive, it makes you feel complete and balanced and that’s why you keep coming back.

What are your reasons?

The aquirement and enjoyment of physical well-being, mental calm and spiritual peace are priceless to their possessors.

Joseph Pilates
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